NeoTech MGA-7 'Dire Wolf'

Created by :
Version : 1.0
Weight : 16.25 Tons
Fuel : 96000
Cost : 161 x Aluminium, 898 x Pigment, 8 x Fuel Cell Type 1, 6 x Rubber Tire, 4 x Vehicle Headlight, 2 x Front Cannon, 1 x Controlled Turret, 1 x Vehicle Cockpit
Durability : 11350


After reports started to filter back from Maria that not only was the planet inhabited by large, dangerous creatures but also hostile intelligent life, calls came to ensure that the military had the tools needed to protect the colonists from any threat. NeoTechs answer to this call was the development of the Dire Wolf.

With a nigh-unlimited budget made available, the Timber Wolf chassis was completely rebuilt using an aluminium alloy instead of steel that is both lightweight and affords more protection. Removing the two passenger seats and gatling guns completely, a pair of forward-facing cannons were added to the sides of the chassis (mainly for slow-moving or stationary targets) along with a powerful dorsal turret capable of 360 degree traversal. A reversal of the usual NeoTech paint scheme gives the vehicle a distinctive look compared to the Timber Wolf.

The Dire Wolf is a fast, heavily armed, and dangerous vehicle that can serve equally well in offensive or defensive roles and can be piloted by a single person. While considerably more expensive to manufacture than the Timber Wolf or Jackal, the Dire Wolf represents the ultimate evolution of the old Hyena chassis.


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