MVF-6A Tempest

Created by :
Version : 2.0
Weight : 29
Fuel : 708000
Cost : 95 Aluminum, 22 Pigment, 3 Aircraft Light, 4 Aircraft Machine Gun, 2 Aircraft Laser, 3 Side Seat, 1 Airship Thruster, 1 Flight Cockpit, 6 VTOL Rotor, 6 Fuel Cell Type 03, 2 Fuel Cell Type 04, 1 Landing Gear Type 01, 2 Landing Gear Type 02
Durability : 10445


The MVF (Maria VTOL Fighter) evolved from the VTB, a VTOL scout and passenger aircraft project. With two laser turrets and two double-barreled machine guns (equivalent to 4), it packs a punch. And with 2 type 04 and 6 type 03 fuel cells, the fuel capacity exceeds 700 thousand.

To fit most mission parameters, it accommodates up to 3 passengers. And the large airship thruster means it can achieve speeds in excess of 300 kph.

Currently, it's only available in a high-tech navy stealth pattern.

[Note: This is a re-release of my MVF-6. This version has been modified for better flight balance and will fly correctly even when playing a corrupted game save.]


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