Gemstone Axe

Created by :
Version : 1.0
Damage : 163
Weight : 56
Cost : 6 gold and 1 copper hilt, sells for 108 meat
Durability : 1186


Okay.. so i wanted to make something covered in gems or crystals or whatever :P and went way over the top with colour :D i can't help it.. Was going for a royal looking set kinda.. This is displayed on a female character, because it looks way better on them :P The axe is part of the Gemstone Set, which also futures the Gemstone Shield. Therefore i didn't make this too big, i wanted it to look like a one-hander.  Damage is still reasonable, despite it's reduced weight.. The shield is also on here, i decided to share them as separate isos.

 Once again,
 hope you like and have fun with the game!!


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