Created by :
Version : 1.0
Cost : 2 Point Light for each item, and some common materials. Less pigment compared to the originals.


Don't know how things are with yours, but on my last version of the game almost all the furnitures available on this site is not removeable or moveable and in addition disappears after loading a save. I found that this problem can be fixed by adding any part template, the most convenient of which was "invisible" point lights. This way I did all needed furniture for me stable, removeable and moveable; at the same time I have tried to reduce the number of required pigment. Some units was additionally slightly changed.

Now I share these furnitures, all presented on the screenshots. In addition to basic materials, each of them requires 2 units of Point Light. Credits to initially makers, you may find early versions in this part of site.

20 ISO files in 15 Mb zip-file.


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