CNCTW - Venom

Created by :
Version : v1
Weight : 38.22 T
Fuel : 372000
Cost : In pictures two and three
Durability : 17897


This is my version of the Venom jet fighter from command and conquer tiberium wars. Take on Pujan forces with a jet fighter from the forces of Nod! Show no mercy.... (insert evil laugh here).... ;)
This is the basic (none upgraded) version from the game.
Balanced, fuel efficient and can exceed 200km/h. (300km/h when flying low to the ground)
Also added two extra seats to make it more planet explorers friendly.


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one vision, one perpose. to fly around and shoot things
This shape! Really nice, well done.
Thank you! Had a lot of fun making this one. =)
WOW! just WOW!