GDI - CC-6 Pitbull

Created by :
Version : 12
Weight : 17.25T
Fuel : 112000
Cost : 255 Aluminium, 1 Vehicle cockpit T01, 4 rubber tire, 1 Vehicle Engine T03, 5 Vehicle Headight, 4 Fuel cell T01, 2 Rapid Fire Turret, 1 Side sit, 2 Carrier Jet Exhaust.
Durability : 14296


 CC-6 Pitbull was developped during the Second Tiberium War and deployed during the Third Tiberium War.

 Although the Pitbull—GDI’s primary scout vehicle—this version is equipped with dual machine gun capable of damaging light infantry , it is too lightly armored to survive direct combat. Pitbulls can also detect stealth units.


Machine gun x2


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