Assault Dropship

Created by :
Version : v.48 W.I.P
Weight : 144.5T
Fuel : 584000
Cost : 24704 Meat
Durability : 35525


 [ !Warning! It don't work with actual v0.9 flying mechanics! ]

Icarus Armament Division present their new Prototype of Assault Dropship (WIP) designed for special operations. This one can carry 12 passengers(crew:2, Troops:10). Offensive equipment consists of missile launchers and tri-cannon Machine Gun. The Prototype colors pattern use black orange, and grey when the standard models are customized following the users desires. More about it on the official Pathea forum:

[Notice: I have a weak laptop so for the Artwork: C Base & C Hex materials have bump strength: 30 and specular strength: 70 when the Steam workshop iso one have 0 - 0. I forgot to change these for the Steam workshop release so feel free to change them. If no it will keep it's cartoonish aspect.]

Please add comment if there is any problems or some improvement idea about it.


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Please note it is not an helicopter, it will start to go forward as soon as it begin its take-off. Better landing on plane landing strip. Request more pratice in restricted area. Use the down arrow key to reduce its speed until it stop. 

There is a lot of Decals but only the canopy frame decal is necessary. If you have frame rate you know what to do. + There is some custom materials on my forum webpage with some exemples to counter that. I hope you will enjoy it.
I have learned so much from this, thank you! This ship looks amazing! The out side, the inside....... all over! Awesome!
Maybe tilt the "vtol rotor" in the back, backwards instead of forward. It won't stop the forward motion but it might help to balance it out better.
Thanks for the comments :-) . The "vtol rotor" in the back is  already  backwards/down lift force maybe I should add another one :p for the v.49. During a moment I wanted too change the actual landing gear by the wheel parts for making think it's a plane, but they are to small. I think it fly actually like a plane but tilt forward like every copters, maybe too much.
Very good ! How much time to do this ?
I stopped counting hours after 300 but It because I tried to correct everything by a way or another. But it more modeling, texture are mostly very basic. I will make some easy one before starting another personnal iso like this.
Oh sorry! I didn't notice that it was upside down..... ingenious! Adding extra, as you said, should help though. Can't wait to see your next version. =)
I'm sorry but with the v0.9  the aircrafts have some issues and request more parts than they should. It actually fly like a crazy missile xP . I will wait the patch which will fix these issues before rebalancing this iso.