AirTaxi 2 Seat - Aluminum & Armed with 4 Fuel Cells


This is a rebuild of the original Air Taxi (credit goes to the original Builder). I have replaced all the wood with Aluminum, added more weapons and 2 Type 3 and 2 Type 4 Fuel Cells (The type 4's can easily be replaced with 2's or 3's). As it is this craft has a 5988 Durability and 460,000 fuel, so it will last a Very long time in flight! It can reach speeds over 120 and is very stable. It requires only 31 Aluminum to build. This has always been one of my favorite flyers.


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very nice design. huge fuel capacity. but speed...speed is only 23km/h in v1.0.6
Yea, they changed the dynamics for flying, everything runs so much slower now... I am going to try and play around with the rotors to see if i can get some speed back.
You can get this back to over 200km/h. I tested it and found if you turn 4 of the VTOLs to face forward, it gets back its speed. I turned the one in front, the high one in the back, and the top two in the back on either side. The raise/lower is a little slower, but its much faster to travel.