Created by :
Version : 1.1
Damage : 413
Weight : 9
Cost : 438 Meat
Durability : 1432


Very accurate shotgun-style rifle, high damage, semi-automatic and good to handle, inspired by the AA-12, a full automatic shotgun. Have fun :)


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This weapon is neither very accurate nor high damage. Both the "Bastard" rifle and the MA6 vastly surpass the AA-12 in attack rage while also surpassing it in accuracy. They look better too. On the other hand, this is a very cheep weapon and can easily be improved. Replacing 3 out of 4 of the SS mussels with MS mussels drastically improves the attack rate and improves accuracy while keeping the semi-automatic feel. Lets compare:
Gun        Bastard MA6   AA-12 (AA-12 with 3MS, 1SS)
Attack/s   922     889   310   677
Accuracy   169     194   164   177.1
Al/pigment 30/0    24/21 15/6  15/6
Well first of all, thanks for the comment. This weapon was created roughly 1 year ago, when there was no possibility of making a weapon as beautiful as you can do right now, you only had the color, the material and 2 different muzzles.