Swords ISOs

S3Val BloodQueen (large)

Recommendly use with same shield like on a screenshot.


The Sword Viores, A Pinkish Sword. Cost: 3 Aluminum 17 Pigm…

Sword - Wooden Pencil

Rewrite history with this over-sized pencil !

Brutal Edge

294.2 Attack, 7.4 kg, Cost = 6 Alum. + 10 copper for hilt A…


247.4 Attack, 3 steel, and 10 copper for the hilt, 9.9kg. Th…

Fight 'Em With Rock N' Roll Sword

NightWonder's Fight 'Em With Rock N' Roll Sword


A legendary weapon from Guild Wars 2 It could be better, I m…

Guardians Diamond BroadSword

the Guardians Diamond Broadsword was found on one of the dea…

Aluminium Axe

An Axe intended to match the Aluminium Armour type2


A heavy steel Maul intended for beating the tar out of thing…